First Impressions:

The bag is well made, as are all of Booq Bags.  It’s small size and light weight were the attributes that drew me to it.  I liked the looks of the bag and it appeared to have enough pockets for all of my essentials … so I loaded it up and gave it a workout.




  • Very light weight
  • Small profile … just slightly wider than the MacBook
  • Well made
  • Stylish
  • The laptop pocket is better padded than other lightweight cases
  • Low cost


  • The only zippered pocket is on the flap.  Small items like thumb drives kept falling out
  • The shoulder strap is one piece with no swivels.  Was not very comfortable
  • The pockets are wide at the top and narrow at the base making them impractical for holding rectangular items such as the power supply
  • There appears to have been little thought as to the size and shape of normal accessories as the pockets were not accommodating


Although it fits the bill in terms of small size and light weight, the lack of properly configured pockets, zippered pockets and non-detachable, swivel shoulder strap makes this bag impractical for me.  It’s off to the next bag for me as this one will be sold on eBay soon!