Although perusing the luggage stores started as a war on boredom, it quickly became an obsession.  Finding just the right computer bag, just the right size, weight … with the right number of pockets placed in precisely the right places became my quest.  

The main problem with evaluating whether or not you have found the holy grail is that you have to use the bag for awhile in order to make your determination.  How does my MacBook fit into the bag?  How easy is it to access all of my goodies?  How does it feel when I wear it?  Does it fit my body like the proverbial glove, or does it bounce around when I walk and feel awkward?  Does it stand up when you set it down or does it fall over?  To a bag Ho, these questions are crucial and can only be answered by trial and error.

The bag that I’m currently using is the Waterfield Cargo by

It is lightweight, has a good feel to it when I wear it either over the shoulder or as a messenger bag.  It is good, but not the gold standard.  It really does require a padded sleeve for protecting your laptop.  I kind of got away without one while I had my plastic-cased MacBook, but now that I am getting the new, sexy Aluminum-cased MacBook, I either need to get a padded sleeve or a new case. (Imagine that :-))

So the search is ongoing.  As I find winners and not so winners … I’ll post them here.  I’ll also post some evaluations of past bag choices in the hopes that fellow Bag Ho’s, Bagophiles, Bagaholics, et al can avoid some of the pain associated with finding what appears to be the perfect bag, only to get it home, load it up with your stuff and have it fall short.