Find something cool that you want to send to your friends.

It is widely known that I am a bag Ho. I love finding new bags, trying them out and then sharing my discoveries with friends. So I find a great leather bag creator, Saddleback leather. This is not the longest URL that I have seen, but longer than I want to paste in an email.


Copy the URL

Click and hold on either the full left or right of the address URL and drag your mouse to the other side of it and release. This highlights the URL. Then either hold down the CMD key and the letter C at the same time or click on the Edit menu and select “Copy” to copy the selected URL into your clipboard.


Open another Browser Window

Open a new browser window or tab and enter into the address box and click enter. This will take you to BudURL.


Paste your long URL into Bud

Paste your clipboard into the box labeled “Enter Large URL” and click “Shrink it!”


Your Shinked URL appears

You can now copy and paste (using the processes listed above) to place your newly created short URL into your email. My friends now can see the incredible bags I have found!