If the mark of the perfect bag is all of the compliments you get from friends and strangers, women and men alike … this is the perfect bag for what it is, the Tumi Alpha Bravo Monterey Sling. And what it is … it’s  JUST THE RIGHT SIZE™  for my iPad Air and essentials.  Small and light so that I really can take it almost anywhere, meaning that the tools of my trade (content creation, training and coaching) are always with me when the opportunity and/or urge to create strikes me.  Its “minimalist with style” design, high quality craftsmanship and elegance compliments my iPad well and although I try to refrain from cliche, it fits like a glove.

What I carry in it:

  • iPad Air w/smart cover
  • 2 each Moleskine notebooks
  • 3 pens (enough to share)
  • Tom Bihn zipper pouch with lighting and USB extension cables and USB thumb drives
  • iPad charger
  • Stack of Business cards
  • Eyeglasses case (important as I need prescription sunglasses)
  • Apple earbuds
  • Belkin Ultra thin bluetooth keyboard (for those power-writing sessions)
  • Leatherman Orange Juice multi-tool (when not flying)
  • Odds and ends
  • Occasionally a water bottle


Pros: What I Like

  • I love the design!  It really does get unsolicited “Damn, where did you get that bag” kind of comments all of the time.
  • Small size and light weight.  One of the main benefits of using an iPad is that it is small and light weight.  It’s hard to find a bag that subscribes to that minimalist philosophy.  The Tumi Alpha Bravo Monterey Sling certainly does.
  • It’s easy to get to everything.
  • It has one main compartment in front along with two smaller compartments along the sides.  Rather than having a bunch of mini compartments which never seem to fit what you are trying to fit into them, this makes it simple to store and find it later.
  • The right side pocket is completely open, which you can use for a water bottle.  I use it for my eyeglasses case.
  • The left side pocket, as you look at the bag, has a business card pocket big enough to have enough on hand, a pen(s) pocket and an open area along with a key loop.  I keep my business cards, 3 pens, iPad charger and multitool in there.

Cons: What I Would Change

  • Really the only thing that I would change is putting a handle on it.  When moving it around, taking it in and out of the Jeep … having a handle on it would be a huge benefit.
  • When I can only find one item to change on a bag … you KNOW they have hit the target.  As a highly mobile, minimalist, just the essentials sling … it is darn near perfect.  Not that all Tumi bags are this good (see other reviews) … this one comes darn close.

A lot of bags that I audition and review don’t get used much afterwards.  I move into them, see how they workout … and when they don’t, it’s off to ebay they go.  This one is in my collection for the foreseeable future.